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Male Pattern Baldness and the Repercussions

When it comes to masculinity, hair plays a very crucial role. In fact, men take immense pride in their physical look and outer show – not in the sense of neatness and perfection, but in the sense of manliness and authority.

A major part of this physical effect lies in his hair. However, considering the present way of life, baldness or hair loss is a growing threat these days. Besides hampering your looks and outward appearance, it thwarts a man’s pride and self-dignity.

Although men usually suffer from baldness in their late 40s or early 50s, it is no longer the case; unfortunately and shockingly, this can take place in their 20s or 30s as well.

According to experts, the most common reasons behind baldness are – hectic lifestyle, excessive work stress, and lack of nutrition.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can allow it to happen; with the growing technologies and medical improvements, there’s no reason for you to accept baldness as a way of life. So, get up, be positive and opt for the right treatments. Before we talk about hair loss solutions, let us discuss the condition in details.

Male Pattern Baldness – A Detailed Analysis

For most people, baldness is a big threat to their personality and self-esteem. Medically termed as alopecia, baldness is a typical condition where the number of strands that shed from the scalp exceeds the number of existing hair on the head.

Generally, it’s okay to lose 50-100 strands from the scalp every day. For men, male pattern baldness is loss of hair – either partial or complete.

However, the pattern and intensity of baldness varies, depending upon the cause. This is a condition where a person loses his hair atop, together with a linear receding hairline.

Although this is a very common condition these days, the truth remains that it’s a highly challenging situation to cope with. As hair is your epitome of beauty, its loss results in dejection, social embarrassment, estranged personal bonding and low self-esteem. To cut it short, baldness has its impact on nearly every walk of life.

Three Possible Ways Out of the Situation

If you experience hair loss, chances are that you spend sleepless nights, worrying about your future and societal acceptance. However, there’s nothing to worry or fret about. Remember, life is like mathematics – with every problem comes a solution. Likewise, there are four possible ways out of the hair loss tragedy. Now, let’s take a look at them.

Mere Acceptance

For most men, the lone solution is to accept the reality and shave their heads completely. There are others who trim their hair carefully, showcasing a mature look in front of others. In any case, the main goal is to avoid social embarrassment.

Pop-up Medicines

These days, you’ll come across a lot of medicines in the market that promise complete or partial hair recovery. While some prove effective and helpful, others are simply useless. Before you take any of these medicines, make sure that you consult a trained and certified doctor.

Hair Transplants

Believe it or not, transplant surgeries can do wonders for you. Here, the surgeons take healthy follicles from the rear side of the scalp and plant them into the bald section of your head.

Within a few weeks, you’ll notice new growth of hair on your scalp. The best thing about this treatment is that, it’s an entirely painless and scar-free process. Above everything, you can style it the way you like.

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