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Hair Loss is Hereditary

The causes of hair loss are many and varied – the knock-on effect of stress, bad eating habits, aggressive medication or extreme diets can all contribute to hair loss.

The most common cause is, sadly, hereditary (Androgenetic Alopecia) which is transferred through the generations and is usually in a pattern.

Hereditary hair loss is more common in men than women. Women’s hair will become somewhat thinner all over the head while men’s hair will recede on the crown and top.

Hereditary hair problems can be passed down from either the mother or father’s side of the family and sometimes can skip generations.

It is caused by the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT a by product of testosterone) interacting with vulnerable hair follicles shortening the hair growth.

To ascertain if your hair follicles are sensitive it is a good idea to research your family genetics and history. This will give a rough guide to the genetic pattern of any loss that may occur.

Although the loss of hair doesn’t usually happen until later in life it is often associated with the ageing process but it can, in some cases, start much earlier.

Hair loss is gradual and to ensure the best results the faster treatment is begun the better the chances will be to slow down the hair loss progression.

There is no magic potion for hereditary hair loss but there are products which will slow down the continuing loss such as Rogaine which contains minoxodil, and Propecia which contains finasteride.

Minoxodil is in lotion form and applied to the scalp twice daily and finasteride is in pill form and blocks the hormone DHT which weakens the follicles.

There are, of course, natural remedies, massaging the scalp, electronic pulses and a multitude of other ways to treat loss of hair. Aloe Vera improves the pH balance of the scalp and adding henna to conditioner also has a healing effect on the hair follicles. Essential oils such as lavender, bay, cedar and safflower also help stimulate the follicles.

Massaging the scalp for 15 minutes before applying the lotions or oils will stimulate the follicles and the blood flow in the head and aid the fast penetration of the lotion or essential oil.

The sulfur from a raw onion rubbed onto the scalp has been favorably reported to reap great results and hypnosis is a much favored treatment for people looking to lower their stress levels which is also be a contributor to hair loss.

Hair transplants, wigs and hair extensions are all now readily available on the market and can restore the confidence of men and women who feel less attractive because of their hair loss.

The crucial thing to remember should you suffer from hair loss is that you can get treatment – be it wearing a custom made wig, transplant, using natural remedies or simply de stressing your life.

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