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Five Tips to Healthy Hair Naturally

Over the past 50 plus years, numerous beauty products have been developed, most made with one or more chemicals. Unfortunately, studies show that using products such as these for an extended amount of time can cause fraying, breakage, and even hair loss in both men and women.

Chemicals are harsh, which causes damage while also putting a person’s health at risk. Instead, there is a better approach to beautiful hair, which involves using products made only with natural ingredients.

Using natural products will reduce dandruff problems, stop hair from breaking or falling out, and eliminate dull, unhealthy looking hair.

With the right products, a person’s hair structure is rebuilt so it becomes strong, pigmentation loss is dramatically reduced so color remains beautiful and vibrant, and itching of the scalp goes away.

Instead of using chemical laden products, going with herbal oils that lubricate, plant extracts that clean, and essential oils that produce fresh fragrance is a much better solution.

There is tons of information on achieving and maintaining healthy hair but these five tips are among the most effective, easy, and affordable.

1. To strengthen the roots and alleviate the problem of hair loss, thistle oil works incredibly well. Even if a person has scalp inflammation and irritation, this oil will produce a soothing effect while also eliminating dandruff and split ends. In addition to health hair, thistle oil promotes better blood circulation to the scalp.

2. An ingredient rich in vitamin E and Linol acid is grape seed, known for nourishing cells while building stronger skin and hair.

For blood circulation, vitamin E is excellent but it also maintains needed humidity in the hair and offers antioxidant effects. Using grape seed oil is a great option in the case of dry hair, healing and protecting.

3. Hereditary hair loss is the result of a hormone known as DHT. To block this, evening primrose oil helps. Rich in gammalinol acid, the active ingredient that fights off DHT, products containing evening primrose help reduce or alleviate hair loss problems.

4. To regenerate the scalp and provide needed protection, castor oil is also a wonderful ingredient. For years, this ingredient has been used in traditional medicine but today, it has been discovered to be highly beneficial for healthy hair.

5. Pomegranate is another ingredient commonly found in natural hair care products. Back in ancient Rome and Greece, pomegranate was used as medicine but with its organic acids and tannins, it also adds vitality to hair, especially hair that has been colored.

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